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At CertaHep, we offer a full range of services for measuring, verifying, and managing air quality. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve been a trusted name in HEPA filter integrity testing and replacement for pharmaceutical labs, hospitals, and other industries.

HEPA Filter Integrity Airflow Visualization Test

Air Flow Visualization

Since air particles are invisible to the naked eye, we use specialized tools to see airflow patterns in a unidirectional clean room. These tests are also used to show the effects of airflow caused by equipment and personnel. Air flow visualization tests determine the airflow patterns within a room using ISO 14644 guides and are especially important in:

New Construction

Our experience and knowledge of cleanroom environments make CertHep the best choice for new construction projects and new installations where HEPA and ULPA filter certification is needed. We’ll ask critical questions and accurately assess your needs to develop a solution that meets your goals.

Cleanroon HEPA New Contstruction Building Plans
HEPA Filter Cleanroom Air Quality Test

Air Quality Troubleshooting

CertaHep routinely deals with issues related to high particle counts. Our expertly trained team will identify the source of any issues and respond with proven methods for managing air quality.

Our Particle Count Test provides complete airborne particle count cleanliness classification. The test is performed to determine the actual particle count level within the facility at the time of the test. The test identifies particle count on the basis of As-Built, At-Rest, or Operational as per ISO 14644 , EU GMP.

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